The Clunes Football Netball Club is working hard on developing their processes, both on and off the field, to create a successful and sustainable future for the club. Many people have been very busy since the 2015 season ended to put things in place for 2016 and beyond. 


Our Senior Football Coaching staff have signed on for a three year term to build our exciting young list into the future. 
In addition our executive committee have reviewed their structure and have created, what we believe is a clearer and more accountable structure for the club. 

Now all it needs is you!!!!!! 

We have created a range of new committee roles that will divide the work load more efficiently and allow more people to be involved in the running of the club. In addition we have created a number of sub-committees which will require commitment from small groups of people to operate. Most roles will not require a huge time commitment, just a willingness to communicate regularly and ensure key tasks are performed. 

Each sub-committee will have a coordinator to lead the team and call on members to assist in fulfilling the allocated role. This structure will allow the knowledge on how things operate to be spread wider and ensure important skills are not lost to the club as people move on. 


Please have a look at the attached Role Descriptions and consider where you might be able to assist. We may require people to sit on a number of committees to fulfil all roles in the first instance so don't be shy. 

Let's make 2016 the best year yet on and off the field 



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